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Benefits/Fringe benefits

◆ Salary incentive: attendance award, project award, year-end award, innovation award, declaration award, equity incentive;
◆ Honor incentive: "praise", "reward", "small merit", "great merit", reward on merit; Annual awards and awards, reward outstanding talents;
◆ Basic benefits: five insurances and one bonus for entry, accommodation, overtime, adjustable rest or overtime allowance;
◆ Holiday benefits: 7.5H working system, weekend double holidays, legal holidays and paid annual leave;
◆ Humanistic welfare: traditional festival gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, birth gift, child welfare, queen's day welfare, annual physical examination, department group building;

◆ Staff training: pre-job training, one-on-one tutor teaching, professional knowledge training, on-the-job skills training, management ability, leadership training, and the combination of internal and external training to help improve personal ability in an all-round way.