Tan Zhirong / Associate Professor

Director of Genetic Pharmacokinetics Research Office

531 talents of Central South University, young member of the Pharmacology Professional Committee of Chinese Pharmacological Society, director of Hunan Precision Instrument Association, director of Hunan Pharmaceutical Association.

Presided over 2 sub-projects of the major new drug creation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 National Natural Science Foundation Youth Project, 1 National Natural Science Foundation General Project, 1 General Science Program Project of Hunan Province, 1 Youth Scientific Research Fund of Central Universities and Hunan Province Department of Education's precision medicine research for the prevention and treatment of major diseases-1 individualized therapeutic target discovery and new technology research and development project; presided over a number of cooperative industry-university-research projects; participated in or was responsible for more than 200 drug clinical trials. He has published more than 80 papers, including more than 40 SCI papers, 23 first and corresponding authors, and 3 books. Currently mainly engaged in genetic pharmacokinetics and metabolomics research.