Ouyang Dongsheng / Professor

Chairman of Changsha Duzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Ph.D., professor and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, the host of the "13th Five-Year" National "Major New Drug Creation" science and technology project, chairman of Changsha Duzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., bioanalysis of complex matrix samples Director of Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory. Director of the Phase I Clinical Research Office of National Drug Clinical Trials, Deputy Director of the National Engineering Research Center for Pharmaceutical Excipients, and Deputy Director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Drug Evaluation Technology.

Chairman of the Clinical Pharmacology Professional Committee of Hunan Pharmacology Society, Executive Vice Chairman of Hunan Drug Evaluation Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Chairman of Changsha City Drug Evaluation Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Jiangxi Province "Ganpo Talent 555 Project" high-end talent, Jiangxi Chief Scientist of Puzheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Won the 2016 Changsha High-tech Industrial Development Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talent, Changsha High-tech Zone "555 Talent Plan" Entrepreneurship Talent; 2017 Scientific Chinese Person of the Year; 2018 Changsha City's first batch of high-level talents, Changsha City Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leader Talent; Hunan Province develops non-public ownership economy and advanced individuals of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2019, and double innovation show in Hunan Xiangjiang New District.

Engaged in pharmacokinetic research for 26 years, presided over 68 National Natural Science Foundation and provincial and municipal scientific research projects, presided over or participated in more than 400 national and international scientific research projects and new drug research projects; applied for 70 national invention patents and obtained 25 authorized patents ; Editor-in-chief of 5 books, and participated in the editing of 15 books; published 229 papers (deadline: 20201031), and won more than 40 provincial and ministerial achievement awards and other awards.