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Biomarker Detection and R&D

      Based on the largest bioanalytical testing platform in central and southern China, ISO15189 quality system, and more than 20 co-established drug clinical research institutions all over southern China, through the establishment of biomarker research centers, with the help of PCR gene analysis advantages, mature TDM monitoring mode, solid immunological research foundation, rich liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry experience and pharmaceutical consistency evaluation practice, it provides gene/metabolite and protein biomarker discovery, detection and transformation as well as third-party inspection and product transformation services represented by the development of clinical/preclinical blood drug concentration quantitative methods for macromolecular drugs in the biomedical field.

Service capability:

1.Maker discovery:

      It has rich experience in the exploration of biomarkers for various diseases such as cancer and chronic non-communicable diseases and the research of quality markers of traditional Chinese medicine.

2.Marker detection:

      There are three testing technology platforms for liquid quality, immunity and gene. The liquid quality testing technology platform is the largest biological analysis testing platform in central and southern China, and is also the only "DMPK" laboratory in the world jointly established with Waters Company of the United States.

      Full coverage of small molecules, large molecules and genes is realized, and the special research of TMAO and TDM is in line with relevant international fields.it has developed more than 300 biomarker detection methods represented by the intestinal flora star metabolite TMAO (Trimethylamine oxide) with proprietary intellectual property rights and provides the determination of full-spectrum amino acids, short-chain, medium-chain, long-chain fatty acid, bile acids, fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins and trace elements, and molecular biology and genomics services.

      The establishment of TMAO baseline for healthy people in China is the only enterprise with TMAO commercial testing capability in central and southern China. He has the first TMAO testing technology patent in China and has already filed dozens of TMAO related patents. Assist clients in successfully obtaining 2 NSFC projects and 1 local project.

3.Clinical transformation:

      Establish a genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics service platform, and develop a variety of scientific research kits by using self-developed patented detection methods.

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