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(1) Basic benefits: five social insurances and one housing fund, statutory holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave and sick leave;

(2) Working hours: five-day work;

(3) Holiday benefits:holiday supplies and bonuses for traditional holidays;

(4) Humanistic benefits: marriage gift, birth gift, child welfare, and the like;

(5) Birthday benefits: birthday cards and gifts for each employee;

(6) Environmental benefits: superior working environment and excellent colleagues and partners;

(7) Training benefits: pre-job training, mentor training, skills training, outside training opportunities for further study;

(8) Promotion benefits: salary and promotion channels;

(9) Talent benefits: talent subsidies of “group hawks, eagles, falcons and young hawks.” The talent who are included in the Talent Subsidy Plan can get subsidies monthly;

(10) Award benefits: quality award, project award, innovation award, application award and year-end bonus;

(11) Activity benefits: small collective activities twice a month and large-scale activities twice a year;

(12) Other benefits: full-attendance bonus, recommendation award, performance award, annual physical examination, and the like;

(13) Career planning: Customize the personal career development and help to enhance the personal value in all directions.

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