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I. BE Research on "One-stop" Service

At present, more than 50 projects have been completed, including clozapine, rabeprazole, pantoprazole, dirithromycin, entecavir, solinaxin, escitalopram oxalate, moxifloxacin hydrochloride, donepezil hydrochloride, nateglinide, lenalidomide, cefixime, metformin and acarbose. More than 100 projects are under way, and 122 projects are about to be carried out according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Commerce.

On May 22, "one-stop" completed the first generic drug quality and efficacy evaluation in Hunan Province, "Escitalopram Oxalate Tablets" was approved for production.

II. Intelligent Information

The company insists on original innovation, takes breaking international monopoly and leading industry as its mission, takes drug clinical research and laboratory informatization construction as its core, and independently develops leading life science informatization products based on cloud computing, Internet of things, big data and biometrics technology driven by technological innovation. Focusing on people's livelihood and ensuring information security, we are committed to providing comprehensive life science information technology solutions and services for Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions.

The technical achievements are as follows:

(1) Clinical Trial Project Management System (YooTrial CTMS)

(2) Subject Recruit Platform (YooTrial Recruit)

(3) Subject Authentication Duplicate Checking System (YooTrial Auth)

(4) Electronic Data Acquisition System (YooTrial EDC)

(5) Pharm BioBank

(6) Biological Analysis Laboratory Information Management System (Pharm LIMS for DMPK)

(7) Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory Information Management System (Pharm LIMS)

III. Detection and transformation of biomarkers

At present, more than 380 new biomarker detection methods have been successfully established. More than 120 drug projects completed the development of TDM assay for 90% of commonly used drugs in three years.

Patents and Soft Writings:

TMAO (trimethylamine oxide, a new risk assessment factor for cardiovascular disease) testing patent.

HMGB1 detection kit and its detection method.

Patent for detection of susceptibility genes to liver injury in Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.

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