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Duxact News | Congratulations to the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of Central South University for being awarded the "Hunan Worker Pioneer&q

Source:DUZHENG  Release date:2019-04-29


On April 28th, Hunan Province celebrated the “May 1st” International Labor Day and commended labor model and excellent artisan conference held in Changsha. The Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University was awarded the honorary title of “Hunan Worker Pioneer”.

The Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of Central South University (referred to as the Institute of Pharmacology) was established in 1993 and merged into Xiangya Hospital in July 2014. It is the first teaching and research institute integrating genetics pharmacology and pharmacogenomics teaching, scientific research and social services in China. Academician Zhou Hongjun is the discoverer and confirmer of the ethnic differences in drug response in the world. He is also the founder of genetic pharmacology,pharmacogenomics and gene-directed individualized drug therapy in China. The Institute of Pharmacology, relying on the national key disciplines of pharmacology, proposes and implements gene-oriented individualized drug therapy to promote the development of individualized medicine. Twelve platforms including the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education and the Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Genetic Pharmacology have been established.

The "Hunan Provincial Worker Pioneer" was awarded as a recognition of the scientific research and talent cultivation of the Institute of Pharmacology, an encouragement to the spirit of model workers, workers and craftsmen, and a contribution to the promotion of the socialist new era concept of respecting labor, knowledge, talents and creativity, and to the promotion of the construction of a large army of knowledge-based, technological and innovative workers. It will provide intellectual support for the implementation of the strategy of innovation-led open rise.

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