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Duxact News | First lesson of the School! Freshmen of 2018 at Central South University Xiangya School of Pharmaceutical Sciences visited the company

Source:DUZHENG  Release date:2019-04-01


Freshmen of 2018 from Xiangya School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Central South University (中南大学湘雅药学院) visited the company for a study tour on December 8. In order to make students look into the working process and environment of biomedical enterprises, the company assigned a person to lead the group for a visit to the departments and laboratories and explain everything in details. Chairman Ouyang Dongsheng and President Yu Peng met the students in person.

At the beginning of the visit, staff of the Business Development Department explained the subject face recognition system to the students. This system can accurately check the identity information of the subjects and end the professional subjects. The photo above showed that the students were experiencing the face recognition technology on site.

Yu Peng introduced the extended application of face recognition system in data security management and patient information management to the students, and emphasized the importance of information management in the process of experiment.

Then, led by staff of the Platform Management Department, the students visited the sample receiving room and watched the biological sample management process. Duxact has realized the whole life cycle management of biological samples through BioBank, its self-developed system for biological sample management.

The director of the Analysis and Testing Center bring everyone to a close contact with the Bioanalytical Laboratory and introduced the liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and related instruments. He helped them understand the principles and management specifications of various instruments as well as set up a correct idea of experiment.

Staff of CTMS R&D Department explained all kinds of information systems for the students, including CTMS, Pharm LIMS, and BIO BANK, and helped the students understand the importance of information management in guaranteeing quality and efficiency of the experiment.

Finally, Ouyang Dongsheng met everyone in person and told them about the original intention and vision in founding Duxact, as well as the hardships and happiness of the struggle process. He showed the sense of mission and social responsibility that a medical professional should have through vivid cases.

Through this visit, the freshmen of 2018 gained a preliminary understanding of the working environment of biomedical enterprises and the future career planning of their major, as well as a new feeling about the mission and responsibilities of a medical professional. This is of great significance for students to set up correct values and positive learning attitudes in their future study and life.

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