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Tribute to the third anniversary | Duxact team: Cententech

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On the first floor of Duxact headquarters building,

there are a few small, delicate instruments,

to identify clinical trial subjects.

Their developer

is the company that we are going to talk about today – Cententech.

Company profile

Drug clinical trials are the key link of drug R&D. Subjects are the basis of drug clinical trials.

The needs for drug clinical trials have given rise to “professional subjects.” Professional subjects frequently participate in clinical trials as impostors by using false identity cards or other means. This affects not only the personal health of subjects, but also the reliability of test results. How to effectively curb professional subjects is a pain point for the global industry. At the same time, with the increasingly strict regulatory regulations, how to effectively manage the identity and authority of test personnel has become more important.

In order to solve these problems, Duxact established Changsha Cententech Technology Co., Ltd. by integrating core resources and technologies in the field of identification technology.

Core products

Subject Intelligent Identification Management System

Through integrated innovation and national network, the System accurately identifies the subject’s identity with an accuracy rate of 99.999%. All functions of the System meet the requirements of GCP. The System has completely solved a series of industrial pain points such as subject identity fraud and lack of regulatory means by the government, and rewritten the history of subject management in drug clinical trials.

End professional subjects, protect the rights and interests of subjects, and improve the quality of drugs

Intelligent Authority Management System

The laboratory authority is managed by near-infrared face recognition, integrating biometric identification and information interaction. After face information is input into the System, whether the person has the corresponding access authority can be identified. All systems involved in authority management are applicable. The System has advantages in security and ease of use, which meets the requirements of safe use and management of laboratory resources.

System management is more secure and data sources are more reliable

Face Recognition Storage Cabinet

This is a high-tech product that uses face recognition technology for storage. The combination of near-infrared face recognition technology and storage function has greatly improved the security of storage items. It is applicable to the management of confidential information and articles in clinical research centers and operating rooms of hospitals. It is easy to store items without carrying keys or cards, and the convenience of use is significantly improved.

Safe and convenient, intelligent access control and information management of the Storage Cabinet


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