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Tribute to the third anniversary | Duxact team: Tonoinfo

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In the wave of informatization of clinical trials,

many important systems are monopolized by foreign countries,

Independent R&D or relying on others?

We made our choice.

In this issue, you will get to know

a small, beautiful software team – Tonoinfo.

Company profile

In order to break through the international monopoly and develop the cause of national informatization, Duxact established Changsha Tonoinfo Technology Co., Ltd. in April 2017. The team insists on original innovation, takes breaking the international monopoly and leading the industry as the mission and takes clinical research of drugs and laboratory information construction as the core. Driven by technological innovation, it has conducted the independent research and development of leading life science information products based on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data and biological recognition technology. It pays attention to people’s livelihood, ensures information security, and is committed to providing comprehensive life science information technology solutions and services for Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions.

Core products

Bioanalytical Laboratory Information Management System (PharmLIMS for DMPK)

It is the general trend of the industry to use the information-based system to standardize the laboratory management. However, the only available DMPK LIMS system on the market is monopolized by foreign manufacturers and has a high price. The team is determined to research and develop the domestic LIMS system with the belief of sharing the country’s burden and contributing to the national information security.

Through gathering experts with many years of experience in the industry, after nearly two years of meticulous cultivation, the self-developed Bioanalytical Laboratory Information Management System (PharmLIMS for DMPK) has been launched successfully. At present, PharmLIMS for DMPK is the first LIMS system focusing on DMPK business process in China. Integrating subject design, method analysis, sample management, report management and data management, together it can be used to easily design experimental schemes and quickly generate reports. With the included CTD report template, it can be used to customize configuration data statistics reports, thus saving the report processing time and simplifying the working process. It complies with the audit tracking and electronic signature requirements in GxP, 21 CFR Part11 and other regulations, so that the data is real, standardized and traceable.

PharmLIMS for DMPK aims at assisting the laboratory digital upgrade and transformation, breaking the international monopoly, and taking the lead in the development of national cause.

Clinical Trial Project Management System (YooTrial CTMS)

Tonoinfo’s Clinical Trial Project Management System (YooTrial CTMS) follows NMPA GCP, ICH GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, GAMP, CDISC and other laws and regulations and industry standards. According to the design philosophy of ensuring quality and improving efficiency, YooTrial CTMS incorporates clinical trial institutions, ethics committees, the sponsor, CROs and other clinical trial participants to work together, realizes the pattern of “assigning specific tasks to specific individuals” in the form of task driving, breaks the mode of using function stack for project management adopted by traditional clinical trial project management systems, and significantly improves the efficiency of project management.

YooTrial CTMS can manage the whole process of project approval, ethics, drugs, subjects, supervision, audit, follow-up and project completion of clinical trials, and support the connection with randomization system, ethics system, EDC and other systems, so as to realize the overall control of clinical trials. This System pays attention to user experience and knowledge accumulation of management experience, and deposits effective experience in progress management, document management, approval flow management, authority management and other aspects in the process of clinical trial projects into various templates, so as to continuously improve project management methods and optimize management means. Focusing on the construction of clinical trial platform, it comprehensively integrates projects, data, subjects, samples, drugs, etc., facilitates clinical research, and contributes to the improvement of clinical trial management in China.

Intelligent Biological Sample Bank Management System (Pharm Biobank)

information system that supports multi-center platform, in which the full life cycle of samples can be traced through a unique bar code, thus realizing convenient biological sample collection, receiving, in-out stock, storage, inventory, destruction, monitoring and other processes, eliminating errors, and ensuring safety and stability. Across PCs, mobile phones and tablets, the System can achieve multi-terminal and multi-screen flexible sharing anywhere, anytime in a comprehensive control way. The System has been running stably in Duxact; it has also been deployed at the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of Central South University (中南大学临床药理研究所), King-eagle med (晶易医药) and other cooperative units.


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