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Duxact News | The “Biomedical Industry Development Summit” of the third anniversary celebration of Duxact successfully held

Source:DUZHENG  Release date:2019-03-06


On the morning of January 12, the “Biomedical Industry Development Summit” of the Third Anniversary Celebration of Duxact themed “Join Hands and Create a Bright Future” was held in Changsha, Hunan.

The Forum invited Academician Zhou Honghao, the pioneer of Chinese pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics and founder of individualized medicine, Professor Su Binghua, the founder of Chinese biostatistics, Professor Chen Shilin, Director of Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (中国中医科学院中药研究所), Professor Wang Junzhi, Chief Scientist of Biological Product Control at National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (中国食品药品检定研究院), Cui Yimin, President at China Alliance of Drug Clinical Test Institutions (中国药物临床试验机构联盟), Professor Sun Zhenqiu, Distinguished Scholar in the field of Chinese Health Statistics, Professor Li Guiyuan, Director of Cancer Research Institute of Central South University (中南大学肿瘤研究所) and many other top scholars in China.

The forum features a gathering of more than 500 people, including Liang Yiheng, Party Secretary of Hunan Food and Drug Administration (湖南省药监局), Rao Jian, Inspector of Hunan Food and Drug Administration (湖南省药监局), Li Fankun, Party Secretary of Changsha Association for Science and Technology (长沙市科协), Chen Zhihong, Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee of Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee (长沙高新区管委会党工委) and other related experts and leaders, as well as experts, scholars and medical colleagues from more than 100 enterprises and more than 30 medical institutions across the country.

▲ Academician Zhou Honghao

Academician Zhou Honghao delivered the opening speech, where he fully affirmed the achievements of Duxact and gave high hopes for future development. He hoped that the company would not forget its original intention and make greater contributions to a healthy China.

Message from the Academician: “A biomedical company has achieved such remarkable results within only three years from scratch. I can imagine how hard they have worked. I wish that Duxact will develop further in the future and make greater contributions to the pharmaceutical industry and the healthy China!” – Zhou Honghao

▲ Liang Yiheng

On behalf of Hunan Food and Drug Administration (湖南省药监局), Liang Yiheng expressed his congratulations on the successful convening of the Forum. He expressed that the rise of the high-end R&D platforms represented by Duxact demonstrated the good momentum of the development of the biomedical industry in our province, and hoped that Duxact would not forget its original intention and continue to take revitalizing the national medicine cause as its own responsibility.

▲ Chen Zhihong

According to Chen Zhihong, Duxact, based in Changsha High-tech Zone, had become a leading enterprise in the field of biomedicine, which also led the development of the industry. In the future, the High-tech Zone will successively launch a series of supportive policies to promote the development of the biomedical industry.

▲ Ouyang Dongsheng

Ouyang Dongsheng, Chairman of Duxact noted in his speech:

“Were it to benefit my country I would lay down my life; what then is risk to me?”

Three years ago, when the consistency evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs became a national strategy, we cherished the ideal of building the career and serving the country to create Changsha Duxact Biotech Co., Ltd., and participated in the magnificent reform of the national biomedical industry!

Thanks to this era, we have the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to a great ideal. We are grateful for academician Zhou Honghao, who has enabled Duxact to share high-end platforms and resources, as well as the experts and leaders who visited the site in person. We also appreciate the congratulations from academicians Liu Changxiao and Wang Guangji. All these have facilitated the steady development of Duxact.

In terms of the development process, the company used less than three years:

It has created a perfect “platform for the consistency evaluation of quality and efficacy of generic drugs,” and participated in the consistency evaluation of the first generic drug variety after the “722” in Hunan. It was also included in the first “7+4” quantity procurement drug list just announced by the state;

it has broken the international monopoly in the field of laboratory information and led the way in the industry;

it ranked among Top 14 in the Final of Biomedical Industry of 2018 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which was the best result made by Hunan biomedical enterprises over the seven years, and won the championship of Hunan Division of the competition;

it was rated as the one of the Top 16 Enterprises with the Most Promising Investment Value in Hunan in 2018 by Hurun Report.

At this academic forum, we were honored to share the academic wisdom brought by experts and scientists! Duxact will take this as an opportunity to gather strength, adhere to “innovation and truth-seeking” and contribute to the rise of China’s biomedical industry and healthy China!

The academic reports were presided over by Professor Li Guiyuan and Professor Sun Zhenqiu. Professor Su Binghua, Professor Chen Shilin, Professor Wang Junzhi and Professor Cui Yimin made special reports respectively.

▲ Development and Prospect of Clinical Trial Biostatistics in China by Su Binghua

▲ Overview of Biomedical Development and the Role of Regulatory Science by Wang Junzhi

▲ Profound Influence of Centralized Quantity Procurement by the State on Drug Use and R&D by Cui Yimin

▲ Research and Application of Frontier Omics of Chinese Materia Medica by Chen Shilin

The Forum showed the frontier direction of the biomedical industry in a panoramic view. The wonderful reports of experts and scholars were applauded by the participants. For more details of the reports, please follow us on WeChat for the “Duxact Academic Reports” series.

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