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"The idle tout the strong pass as a wall of iron. With firm strides we are crossing its summit!"

Changsha Duxact Biotech Co., Ltd. (长沙都正生物科技有限责任公司) was established in the context of the tremendous reform within the nation's pharmaceutical industry. The general public was losing confidence in the quality of drug. Accordingly, the evaluation of consistent quality and efficacy of generic drug was included in the national strategy, but there was significantly insufficient impetus for implementation of the strategy. In other words, the evaluation of consistent quality and efficacy of generic drug, despite being included in the national strategy, faced seriously inadequate execution.

Duxact has gathered a group of vigorous dream seekers. They strive together through thick and thin, and their belief is unwavering.

 We cherish the ideal of building a career and serving the country, with the courage to share its burden and the spirit that time and tide wait for no man. In response to the times and circumstances, we provide one-stop services for the evaluation of consistent quality and efficacy with respect to generic drug. Always forward-looking, we work to ensure the sound development of personalized precision medicine and the biotherapy industry as well as the safety of food and drug.

Ouyang Dongsheng

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