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I. Profile

The Business Development Center adheres to the "customer-oriented" service principle in order to provide all-round services in a whole-process, all-personnel, holographic, and fully effective way.

Duxact has more than 100 cooperative customers. It has maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many pharmaceutical enterprises and clients. The customer satisfaction is high, and the second customer cooperation rate is up to 90%.

Facing the era of Internet, the Internet of Things and big data, with precision as a philosophy in customer service, the Business Development Center consistently observes the management policies that "customers are our priority" and that "quality is the best business" as the means to promote the rapid development of the Duxact Group.

II. Scope of service

1. Customer Relations Maintenance

We maintain relationships, build trust and pursue quality.

2. Market Research and Expansion

The policy determines the market, the market brings the project, and project quality determines the word of mouth. With this approach, we can go deeper, master the situation and expand business.

3. Business Contract Management

It is the master plan that undertake domestic and foreign projects, follow up in real time and solve problems.

4. Project Management

We set the standards, set up processes and promote the project to be completed in a manner that is compliant, efficient and high in quality.

Ⅲ. Service advantages

1. One-stop services

The Center provides customers with one-stop services for the entire process, from project negotiation and scheme design to final implementation, report submission and project completion. The Center has been equipped with talented, professional personnel for the whole process connection so as to ensure the service process is closely linked and connected, and effectively protect the interests of customers.

The Center took less than three months to complete all work of the clinical part for the consistency evaluation of a variety, and the passing rate of incurred sample reanalysis exceeded 96%, far surpassing the international industry standard (>67%) and creating an almost legendary speed that is difficult to replicate.

2. Professionalism and efficiency

Adhering to the concept of "innovation and truth-seeking" together with rich project experience, expert policy analysis and a keen market sense, the Center helps customers effectively solve problems, reduce policy and regulatory risks, shorten the research-and-development cycle while reducing costs, and create value for customers with quality and efficiency.

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